The EMPOWER Model: Tangible Skills

Developing Tangible Skills for Better Outcomes

As a provider of support for some of our most vulnerable community members, it’s vital that your support workers are effective at what they do. But in order to be effective, each support worker must have competency in two vital parts:

Tangible Skills | Mindset Matters

Tangible Skills

Tangible skills are those skills that can be defined in a behavioural sense. In the EMPOWER model, we help workers to develop tangible core skills such as:

  • Active listening
  • Accurate empathy
  • Following and summarising
  • Prompting action

These skills help caseworkers, and all people that work with clients in the support space, to increase their effectiveness. And when their effectiveness increases, they’re better able to empower their clients for better outcomes in both the short and long term.

Enhanced Treatment Strategy

In the EMPOWER program we also work through several methods of treatment which align with specific tangible skills.

  • Adaptive feedback
  • Adaptive modelling
  • A strength-based focus

These modalities allows us a build up a process to better interact with clients, and ensure that everyone feels safe and supported.

Mindset Matters

Of course, specific, tangible skills are only one element of the EMPOWER model. The other is mindset matters.

It’s Time to Empower Your Staff

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