EMPOWER Training

Upskill your staff. Empower your clients.

EMPOWER Training will help you upskill your staff with the skills and mindset techniques they need to elevate their effectiveness and empower your clients. EMPOWER Training is:

  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible
  • Science-Backed

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What You Get

As part of our work together, we will tailor EMPOWER to the specific needs of your clients.

In general, EMPOWER can be delivered in three formats: in-person, eLearning and ‘blended learning’, a combination of eLearning and classroom learning approach. Each format includes on-going coaching.

The in-person or classroom-based program runs for two days and is available now.

The ‘eLearning and ‘blended learning’ programs will be available as of October 2022.

The coaching component can be delivered by McAlpine-B staff or your own staff who we will train to be the EMPOWER coaches in your organisation). Coaching can be delivered either a group or individual basis either in-person or via Zoom.


  • Customised EMPOWER program training sessions
  • Research-backed training modalities
  • On-going coaching or EMPOWER coaching staff training
  • Your choice of delivery method: in-person, eLearning or blended learning
  • Your choice of individual or group delivery

What Your Staff Get

They’ll learn to:

Deliver an initial one-on-one session.

Caseworker will specifically assist the clients to develop a list of their relevant strengths.

Deliver weekly one-on-one sessions.

Caseworkers will work on the specific problem that the clint is trying to resolve.

Undertake a facilitating change process.

Slightly different to the initial sessions, here the caseworker will clarify their role in the process and assist the client to identify the strengths.

As part of these modalities, they’ll also learn to:

  • Establish rapport
  • Clarify worker and client roles
  • Utilise client goal setting
  • Help clients to strategise problem-solving solutions
  • Summarise the current situation
  • Initiate action

Benefits of EMPOWER Training

  • Improved outcomes for your clients
  • Improved staff retention because staff are less susceptible to compassion fatigue
  • Less work cover claims resulting from occupational violence because are better able to manage aggressive clients

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