About McAlpine B

Who We Are

At McAlpine B our mission is to empower workers to empower clients. We’ve been training front line human service workers since 1998 with the goal to improving the outcomes for the most vulnerable members of our community. Our EMPOWER Model is the next step in fulfilling that mission.

Why We Do What We Do

There are 1.3 million support workers in Australia, whether you call them caseworkers, support workers, youth workers, support workers, peer workers or justice workers. These frontline workers work directly with the most vulnerable and marginalised clients in Australia.

They are not the CEOs, program directors, managers or even co-ordinators within organisations. They are in their clients’ homes every day. They know their clients by name and they’re caring for their daily needs.

At McAlpine B we understand that this complex work.

  • Complex because clients may have endured years if not decades of trauma and may see little hope for the future.
  • Complex because vulnerable clients can sometimes be violent towards the very workers who are trying to help them.
  • Complex because caseworkers have to maintain a sense of hope and purpose even when the odds are overwhelmingly against their clients.
  • And complex for caseworkers working with non-voluntary clients who may be actively hostile.

We also understand that while most caseworkers come to the field with a strong commitment to social justice, the complex and demanding nature of the work can cause staff to become burnt out, jaded or too overwhelmed to cope.


We have a solution – the EMPOWER Model. This evidence-based caseworker training approach guides interactions between caseworkers and clients. It helps us deliver great outcomes to caseworkers and companies by mitigating worker burnout and staff turnover. But it also helps us empower clients to seek out their own strengths and empower their own outcomes while being supported by exceptional staff.

Where We’re Going

We see the vast space between caseworkers and clients. Working together, through the EMPOWER model and training, we’ll be able to close that gap and deliver better services from happier staff.

Who We Work With

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