Supporting Caseworkers and Empowering Clients

Caseworkers and Support Workers – We’re Here for You

Every year there are over 4.4 million Australians who receive support for mental health, disability, child protection, homelessness and many other issues. An estimated 1.1 million workers provide that support.

Imagine if there was a way to dramatically improve outcomes for those one million clients! At McAlpine-B we believe there is a way to improving such outcomes. We call that process EMPOWER.

What is EMPOWER?

EMPOWER is an informed direct practice model that uses an evidence-based approach that guides how workers interact with their clients on a session-by-session basis.

What is the evidence based approach?

The evidence-based approach is also called the person or client-centred approach. More than 70 years of evidence shows that this approach is the best way, if not the only way, to support clients.

The process of supporting clients under this approach is also very similar regardless of the type of client, which makes it an efficient choice as well.

There are two requirements for us to dramatically improve outcomes for clients:

  • workers must be competent in the evidence-based approach direct practice model.
  • workers are in the right mindset or psychological space to implement the evidence based approach direct practice model.

Research shows that classroom training or eLearning by themselves are not enough to make sure that caseworkers are competent in the evidence based approach direct practice model. EMPOWER uses a proven approach to ensure that what is learned in the classroom is transferred to the workplace.

EMPOWER the Prevention of Compassion Fatigue

Case workers and support workers are unique in that their highly susceptible to compassion fatigue. When this happens, the worker will begin to doubt their own capacity to help clients or begin to believe that their clients are beyond help.

But EMPOWER incorporates a rigorous strategy to prevent compassion fatigue.

Who We Support

Case Workers, Support Workers, Disability Workers , Housing and Homeless Workers, Peer Workers Youth Workers, Family Support Workers, Justice Support Workers, Youth Justice Workers, Child Protection Workers

About McAlpine-B

McAlpine-B is founded by psychologist Graeme Baird, who has been involved in out-of-home care and youth justice for the last 30 years. It is a community-focused team with a passion for helping our vulnerable Australians.

As case workers ourselves, we understand the pressures and the challenges. And we have developed our training to help support you as you strive to support the community.

It’s Time to Empower Your Staff

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